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Celebrating People, Places & the Good Life in SW Washington State
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10 Minute Conversation with Nikki Klock, Editor of the Vancouver Family Magazine

Nikki Klock is the Editor of Vancouver Family Magazine. She has lived in Vancouver with her family since 2003 when they moved to the area after college from Utah.  She is the mother of two daughters, ages 6 and 9, who attend Vancouver Public Schools. We spoke at the new Vancouver Community Library which was named one of the country’s top ten children’s libraries in the U.S by Livability.

Nikki Klock at the Vancouver Community Library Early Learning Center in Downtown Vancouver

What do you love about SW Washington?

I love what everybody else does. We have access to the mountains, we have access to the beach, we have access to all kinds of recreation and, having lived in other areas that don’t have access to those things, I love it. I wouldn’t want to live in the desert. I love the fresh fruit in season. My friends and family come and visit from Utah and say, “This fruit is just unlike anything we can get!” I love the food and the produce and gardening as well as the recreation.

The thing I love about Vancouver, and I never plan on leaving, is that is big enough to not feel like a small town, because I’m not a small town person and it’s small enough to be like a small town. It has all the things you want about a small town and all the things you want about a big city and it is absolutely perfect for my family and me.

What is the best-kept secret about SW Washington?

Southwest Washington’s best-kept secret is definitely Alderbrook Park, out in the Brush Prairie/Hockinson area. It has a pool, petting zoo, train, bounce houses, pirate ship, maze, open fields, walking trails, and even drinking fountains with pink lemonade! For years it was available only for private events such as weddings but in 2011 they got new owners and opened it to the public on weekdays in the summer. It’s an awesome place for families, and an incredible price for everything there is to do ($5-$8 per person).

What is your favorite place to relax or play in SW Washington?

We love going to the parks in addition to the library system. We have visited Lewisville Park and played in the water, we love Frenchman’s Bar. Outside and in the water. The kids love the water. I’m not as big of a fan but I love to sit and watch them play with my husband. There is a sand beach and there are 6-10 volleyball nets, a full playground, there is grass and paved paths between Frenchman’s Bar and Vancouver Lake if you want to go biking.

I love downtown Vancouver. We love Esther Short Park, the concerts in the park. We saw the Journey tribute band. We are huge Journey fans and the kids were singing along.

In the winter – the library. We love, love, love everything about the library.

If you didn’t live here, where would you live?

Probably Utah because my family is there. Utah Valley south of Salt Lake City. (But she definitely has no plans to move.)

What’s coming up that you are excited about?

In the magazine, we are getting ready to launch our 5th annual Best of Vancouver Awards. That’s always really fun. I like seeing where people like to go. I like being out and about. I really love counting up those votes.

As far as my kids – I love watching them grow up. Now they are in school full time and it’s a different type of joy than when they were babies. You watch their first steps and see their first teeth but now they are learning division and we are starting to think about middle school. I am loving watching my kids growing up. And getting ready for teenagehood. That is where we are right now — laying that groundwork for teenagehood so wish me luck!

What would surprise people to know about you?

Oh, I am soooo boring! I LOVE to cook and clean and be domestic. I’ve got my job and I love all the things that go along with that and working, but sometimes I want to just take a day off and can peaches and clean the house and be a housewife. So I love being domestic. I love cooking, preserving food, drying food. What might surprise people is that I am boring. I am healthy, no phobias and I am just your average, everyday married mommy.

Trying out the row boat at the Early Learning Center

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